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30 Aug 2018
Other people have no problem with dyeing hair for a long time, the color is still so bright, and their hair color fades away every day. At this time, you have to reflect that it may be that your care is not right, not the problem of dyeing. After dyeing, the pigment will actually lose a little every day. Washing your hair and the sun may make your hair color fade especially fast.

1, the summer temperature is high, the frequency of cleaning hair will increase, often washing hair will accelerate the loss of pigment. In fact, flushing hair is a process that causes pigment loss. Naturally, the more you wash, the faster the pigment loss.

2, poor air quality will also cause pigment loss. Whether you are at home or going out shopping, your pigments are affected by the environment and your human hair wigs will fade.

3. Improper care. If the color is faded very quickly after dyeing, and there is no problem with the method of care, it is likely to be a problem with the cream. But perhaps you don't know that there may be some misunderstandings in your hair care, such as the strong sunlight, leaving the scalp exposed to ultraviolet light.


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