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04 Sep 2018
Fashion short hair

In the early summer season, a refreshing short hair is like a cool breeze blowing through the corner of the street, bringing a refreshing and refreshing feeling. If you are a girl who likes small floral, cotton, guitar, pure water, hand-made fabrics, you will definitely be impressed by the clean short hair extensions we recommend!

Style: charming cat-like curls

A hair style that allows the hair volume to increase immediately but does not appear heavy! The use of a messy curl to increase the amount of hair, combined with the depth of the dyed hair to modify the layering, visually achieve a fluffy and breathable effect. The bangs in the middle and the curls on both sides of the face are the most effective "weapons" to hide babyfat! Keeping the hair "wet" with moisturizing mousse is the key to adding a feminine cat-like sex.

Suitable for: sexy mature women

Style: retro partial mushroom head

If you don't like hair dyeing, you can choose this mushroom head with a retro feel. The length of 5cm below the ear is suitable for all face types - round face mm will look cute, long face mm will highlight the sharp chin. At the same time, the partial bangs can make your mushroom head less studentish and more feminine.

Suitable for: young intellectual ol, art worker

Style: light color level refreshing short hair

The overall trimming method of the hairstyle is mainly broken and the overall line is kept neat and has a certain layering. The level of the head is slightly shorter to deal with, it is best to grab a little height to make the hairstyle more three-dimensional. The length above the ear is matched with the light yellow x gold hair color, which is refreshing and dazzling, which is very suitable for the sunny summer!

Suitable for: a competent female supervisor, a girl who likes neutral style

Style: cute short egg head

The well-behaved Qi Liuhai, the neat and heavy curls, the princess-inspired coffee-dyed hair, the egg roll that became popular this spring, of course, the earliest summer is the most popular! On the basis of the basic model, Qi Liuhai is slightly thinner, which is more suitable for the climate of early summer. While keeping the little princess's well-being, there is no lack of refreshing feeling.

Suitable for: cute prostitute, dating lady


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