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08 Sep 2018
      With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention is paid to the external beauty. In this way, the hairdressing industry has developed rapidly, and hair dyeing has always changed the color of hair to make it more attractive. However, such problems as human hair extensions dyeing and cancer are constantly being raised. Therefore, when we pursue beauty, we question whether hair dye is harmful to our body.

     Will hair dyeing cause cancer? If we want to solve this kind of problem, we must first understand the hair dye. Traditional chemical hair dyeing actually dyes the surface of the hair black. Hair dyes are black chemical dyes. Only fabric dyeing can be cooked in a pan, and hair dyeing is required to be simple and easy to apply. Many kinds of metal sulfides are black and shiny. Early chemical hair dyes were based on this principle. First, apply silver nitrate water to the hair and then apply sodium sulfide solution. The black silver sulfide they formed adhered to the hair without rooting and infiltration, and the adhesion was not strong, so the dyeing The effect is not good and not long lasting.

      The hair dye used today contains dozens of chemical components, among which toxic substances such as nitrobenzene and aniline are easily penetrated into the skin and absorbed by the human body, causing harm to the human body. If the hair dye is used for a long time, as long as it is absorbed by the skin tissue, it will slowly accumulate toxic components. The chemical substances combine with certain cells in the human body, causing damage to the cells and causing lesions, thereby inducing skin cancer and bladder cancer. , leukemia, etc.

      Some imported hair dyes include lead acetate, which contains 5 to 10 times the lead content of household paints and pigments. Once these substances enter our body, it is difficult to excrete from the body, hoarding outside the body, causing poisoning, dizziness, headache, fatigue, abdominal pain and other series of lead poisoning, and also infiltration into the liver and kidney and brain, destroying these organ functions , causing cancer and so on.


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